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Holiday Gift Guide

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Happy December girls! Wow, that just hit me, it is already December?! Ah, this year needs to slow down. Well, what can we do? Only thing I can think of is to accept the fact that there is only one month left of 2018 and we have got to pay attention to the winter holidays that are now upon us. In short, get hyped for the holidays, start decorating your room now, and bring out the hot cocoa and cookies because it’s definitely wintering with all the snow falling! Not that the holidays are all about gifts, but since there is some gift giving in store, I thought you may like some inspiration for making your list of great gifts to give (and to receive).

Jocelyn Furs


Want to be fashionable and have fun at the same time? What a statement these make! They scream, “I love fashion”! They have so many fun colors and they keep your fingers warm in the cold, yet perfectly accessible for sending that very important text message. While you’re on the website, just take a look at all the other accessories Jocelyn sells. it’s so me! Lots of furry fun to make the doldrums of winter a little less dull.

Shore Society Cleveland Map Tote Bag


Long story short, I was looking through my Instagram feed and I came across this super cute, roomy, tote featuring a map of Cleveland. I instantly thought, “I need this,” and now I am obsessed! It is so cute and could be used for a day at the beach, a bag to carry groceries, carry-on bag for plane travel, or even an easy grab sleepover bag. In my closet, I have a lot of totes but this one has real style and looks like it can be used for a lot of different things. You can buy this for a friend, daughter, mother, or family member that is a big “Cleveland Till I Die” supporter, especially someone who is always running around doing different activities.

La Bella Donna – linea minerale


What is a winter holiday without a little new makeup to play with, giving you a good reason to have fun trying some different looks. Sometimes the cold winter months can be a little boring, but the perfect shadow or lipgloss can do the trick to brighten things up. Honestly, I don’t even wear makeup that often, but every once in a while I will put some on when I am hanging out with friends or going out to dinner with my family. For those times, you need the goods at your fingertips (check out the website for tips). La Bella is different than any other makeup brand because their cosmetics are made from purely crushed minerals only from rocks that are “healthy for the skin”. Make sure to read “our story” on their website to get the full coverage of information and also browse around it because it has a lot of useful information about makeup. If you live in Cleveland, you can purchase this exclusively at The Powder Room ( at Eton Collection.

Veja shoes


This could be the new Adidas..Nike…Golden Goose…you name it! Vejas are starting to become super popular and I think it is because of my mom and me:). We found these sick shoes last year, randomly from Instagram, and now I have been seeing them everywhere. To me, these shoes look like a fun mix of bowling shoes combined with classic white sneakers with eye- catching pops of color. Any of your trendy friends or family members would like these. Also, if your not a Clevelander, and your reading this blog, you can start the trend in your city!

Kopari Flawless Face Kit


Kopari sells cosmetics for girls that want to use safe skin products. All of their products are 100% pure, organic coconut oil sustainably sourced on a small family farm in the Philippines. Many people are at such risk when they try all these different products on their skin to help acne and many of those products are actually very bad for the skin. Many of them contain ingredients that can cause skin disease many years from now. A good rule of thumb is, make sure to check the list of ingredients on the back of cosmetics and if there are many ingredients you cannot pronounce, stay away! It’s toxic! Kopari is trying to help out and provide a fresh skin care line with all of the basics so you don’t have to worry about daily used products. Buy this for any nieces, daughters, friends, or other family members, they will LOVE Kopari!

Room Service- hat and gloves

$36.50 for Bryant Fingerless Gloves, $39.50 for Cora Metallic Knit Hat with Fur Pom in Navy

Room Service is a cute store down at the new Van Aken District ( in Cleveland. If you check out their website, it doesn’t show all that they have. I suggest checking out their store in person or calling their store to see if you could get a shipment out to you. My cute finds include a pair of fingerless gloves, a pompom hat, and a clean, fresh scented candle. These items could be combined all together for the perfect gift. I have been wearing the hat all week, light the candle (mostly) every night, and wear the comfy, fleece-lined gloves when I walk my dog Vince! The gloves can be worn fingerless or mitten-style so there is maximum flexibility this way. Mostly everything in this store is very affordable and great quality, which is definitely a plus!

Side note: Make sure to check out the Van Aken District center (, they have a few great stores, like Double Rainbow (for girls up to size 16), Mitchell’s ice cream, Xhibition, Room Service, Luster gifts, Grooveryde, and soon Rising Star Roasters.

Luster Gifts – Camo duffle bag/216

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Luster Gifts even says it in the name! It is the perfect store for this holiday season. I came across this duffel on my Instagram feed and it really caught my eye! Sadly, most things like this are just passed by, not this one. This duffel does not just have my favorite army green pattern, but also has the ‘216’ Cleveland area code featured as a cute detail across the front. You can also buy the bag without the area code detail or with a shimmer star decoration instead. This is another gift for someone who is a big Cleveland fan! You can check out the rest of their Instagram for all their creative gift ideas.

Slippers x3


Steve Madden Slipper Gift Set, at



Today I am going to share with you three of my fav, coziest slippers. I can’t figure which one to recommend, so I’m recommending them all. Check them out for yourself, or give them to a friend who will love them. All different styles for all different kind of people and moods. The first one is more of a Sunday busy homework day. The second is for days you want to be cozy and make a statement with the cheetah print, so maybe a Wednesday! Then the third, feels to me, like you want to be as comfy as possible to make getting lots of things done a little more enjoyable. Consider choosing these for a Saturday full of running around doing lots of errands. I mean, if it’s not snowing, and you’re all bundled up everywhere else, you might just be able to pull these off!

Bombas socks

$24 for one pair

Bombas are my go-to winter socks. The link above is right to their ski socks that I use for a dual purpose 1) being when I ski and 2) for a nice warm sock on frigid, winter days. Also, they are super cute. I style them normally with my LL Bean boots or just with slip-ons like in the picture (or furry Birkenstocks look fun with these, too). These are the kinds of socks you can definitely show off a little to the crowd! This is a great gift for anyone, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, cousins, and toddlers. Get them for the whole family! What’s neat about Bombas is that for every one pair you buy, one pair of socks is given to a person who doesn’t have any. So, your purchase supports a great cause.

Now, I bet you can’t wait to be celebrating your holiday this winter! I am right in the middle of mine and already I have been the recipient of so many good items and I look forward to giving just as many good things to others.

Before you go, make sure to comment what you would like for the holidays because sharing is caring around this time of the year!

Love you all! Have the best holiday season and don’t forget to make some time for yourself, too! If you’re anything like me, and you’ve been staying up until 12am and getting only six hours of sleep, use your break to get more rest! Making it up on the weekend just doesn’t cut it, but that is a whole different blog for another day. Slow down and enjoy your family, friends and all the festivities!

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