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Meet thegirlygirlpodcast

✰ Carmen is a 16 year old high school junior who started her own podcast called The Girly Girl Podcast and runs the IG page @thegirlygirlpodcast! Fun fact, Carmen has  “a twin sister and 3 other siblings and the cutest dog name Tilly (she only has one eye)!”  – Carmen

✰ On her pod she shares her “advice with other teen girls about everything we have to go through during high school!” Every week a new episode comes out with anything related to her friends, listeners, or something she has been recently struggling with.

✰ Her hardest challenge is starting anything new as she struggles with self-doubt and imposter syndrome. I think we can all agree this is a normal feeling when it comes to putting yourself out there on social media. “Instagram allows us to see how well everyone else is doing and when you are just starting out, it can be very discouraging and feel like you are behind. These feelings often cloud my judgment but I am learning to become more confident in what I do!”

✰ Carmen’s go to quote for inspiration is “realizing that worrying about what’s going to happen won’t change anything. I am someone who constantly overthinks situations to the point of making myself sick so this is a reminder I need all the time. It is helpful to take a break and just take a few seconds to breathe!!”

✰ Keep swiping for tips for finding motivation, a teen trying to make a difference, or want to build your community!

✰ Make sure to follow @thegirlygirlpodcast today, subscribe or follow to her podcast on your fav platform, and keep up with her work as she grows her business! “Any and all support will always be greatly appreciated and I’d be so happy to do the same for all of y’all!!” – Carmen

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