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Educating and Inspiring the future 

Our goal is to create a group of resilient and motivated females, ready to confidently navigate teenage and young adult life, face their future and be unstoppable. 

We create, produce and market an engaging and motivating platform accessible to all teen girls. 


Our programming focuses on three pillars. One, educating girls about GRIT, two, teaching girls how to show up as their real and authentic selves, and three, inspiring them to take action, be effective and impactful. 


Our school-based webinar-style event, Girls With GRIT, is our foundational program. It  is designed to fill a void in traditional curriculum, teaching girls about GRIT (growing Guts, building Resilience, accepting Imperfection, finding their Team). It is available for all middle schools and high schools to offer to any female student who wants to participate completely free of charge. 


In addition, It’s A Girl’s Life engages with teens and young adults through a recognizable and inspirational social media presence, a podcast for targeted content and resources, group coaching and leadership training. All non-school-based programs are available for a very nominal admission, and we offer any teen who needs financial assistance FREE admittance. 

Meet It's A Girl's Life


(doing what she loves most)

Meet Charlotte


Charlotte Wasserman has always dreamed of creating change and impacting other girls. 


She started a blog for girls in 2015 after facing the typical middle school challenges socially and academically. She wanted to learn how to build confidence, how to stop feeling the need to be perfect, how to find a core group of friends who supported her, and how to bounce back from setbacks.


She created It's A Girl's Life because she wanted to share the tools and skills she was learning with other teens. She partnered with a California-based organization to create the first of three GET GRITTY Cleveland events for teen girls. She hosted events in 2019, Spring 2020, and the first virtual event in Fall of 2020.


In early 2021, Charlotte decided she wanted to focus her mission and share her vision and passion even further, creating her own 501c3.  It's A Girl's Life was granted official non- profit status in August 2021. It’s A Girl’s Life empowers girls to be R.E.A.L (Resilient, Empowered, Authentic, Leaders) through local and national events and other initiatives.


Through this nonprofit, Charlotte and her team continue to create programs, events, and content to connect, support, and motivate teen girls to be unstoppable. 

Charlotte will know she has succeeded once “our educational platform is one of the top resources for teen girls in the nation, and our basic program is available to all girls for free through their local middle and high schools.”

Meet Our Board

Meet Our Team


Charlotte Wasserman

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Founder of It's A Girl's Life and host of It's A Girl's Life Podcast. Public Speaker and mentor for young women. Learn more about her and her story above. 


Doan Winkel

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Doan leads the entrepreneurship program at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio, where he is building a runway for young women to launch into entrepreneurial leadership careers. 

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Sarah Andersen

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Sarah is a Certified Personal Development and Life Coach for Teen Girls and Young Women. She is also the founder of The Real Girl Lifestyle, where she works with girls one-one-one, leads small groups, and speaks nationally about girl empowerment. 

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