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Past events


Get Gritty Cleveland: GRIT, how to build guts and resilience, accept your imperfections, and find your team. Featured Keynote Speaker was newscaster and author Romona Robinson. Additional speakers/facilitators included Certified Life Coach for teens and young women Sarah Andersen, life coach, entrepreneur, and author Sindy Warren, and Nikki Costa. 


Get Gritty Cleveland: MIND BODY HEART, how to develop a growth mindset, what is mind-body wellness, and how to use passion to take action. Featured Keynote Speaker was the assistant coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Lindsay Gottlieb. Additional speakers/facilitators included Functional Nutritionist Abby Taft, Founder of Never Give Up Cleveland Allison Meyer, Clinical psychologist for children and adolescents Tira Stebbins, Sarah Andersen, and Sindy Warren. 


DARE To Get Gritty Cleveland: how to use the foundations of GRIT to learn about resilience and taking action. This was our first-ever virtual event. Featured Keynote Speaker was Community Cultivator Siobhan Sudberry. Additional speakers/facilitators included Sarah Andersen and Sindy Warren. 


Girls With Grit: our first ever semi-national event and workshop for over 1,400 girls from over 100 schools. We hosted a virtual workshop that teaches the foundation of our GRIT Method. We are passionate about inspiring girls to be gutsy, build resilience, accept their own imperfections, and find their supportive team.

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