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Get your ticket to Girls WITH GRIT before Friday, March 4th! We will be closing registration at the end of the day March 4th. 

Girls WITH GRIT is a FREE school-based webinar-style, educational event. 


Teen founder, Charlotte Wasserman co-created this foundational program with two certified professionals, Sarah Andersen and Sindy Warren, to teach girls about GRIT (growing Guts, having Resilience, accepting Imperfection, finding their Team). 


This event is available for 7-12th grade students. Click RSVP for additional details. You can access the schedule for the event on the RSVP page as well.




Meet your speakers:

  1. Charlotte Wasserman - High School Senior at Hathaway Brown School - Founder of It's A Girl's Life - Co-host of It's A Girl's Life podcast - Public Speaker for Young Women

  2. Sarah Andersen - Consultant/content development team - Certified Life Coach for girls, teens, and young women - Motivational Speaker and founder of The Real Girl Lifestyle 

  3. Sindy Warren - Consultant/content development team - Certified Life Coach - founder of Blue Tree Coaching 

  4. Nancy Bosnoian - Girls With Grit Keynote speaker - Originally from Aleppo, Syria, and an undergraduate student at Columbia University. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of End No Sleep, Inc. an international NGO on a mission to help you get a good night’s sleep and public speaker. She shares her experiences fleeing from war, finding a new home, learning to thrive, and how to build a social enterprise.

NOW LIVE: watch the sneak peak of what we will be learning at event. 


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