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5 casual summer night outfits you need to try

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Hi chicas, its great to be back writing to you again! You might already know this, the reason why I was not posting for such a long time was because I was at overnight camp, I had a great time there (thanks for asking). As we all know, summer is coming to an end. But before it does, you need to purchase a few more items and try out these 5 outfits to bridge the gap between summer and fall. These 5 outfits consist of some of my favorite clothes in my closet. Lastly, one piece of advice (before we get started) is to spend every summer day like it’s the last. Really cherish not having homework, and being able to have multiple sleepovers a week. So, let’s get to it! Here are 5 outfits for last summer nights, that you have to try!

Outfit one:

This is a perfect outfit for a really warm night. It is definitely a more trendy outfit, which consists of a tee shirt from Chaser and shorts from Holly Sharp. Even though I did not model these, you can’t forget about a good pair of shoes to complete the outfit. I love these sandals from Birkenstock, I wear these every single day!

Outfit two:

This is one of my all-time favorite outfits for a cooler summer night. This outfit consists of an “off the shoulder” top (from Lulus), which is super cute and so in style, accompanied with white jeans from Hudson. A reason why I love this outfit so much is that the colors of the jeans and the top compliment each other so well. It makes me want to wear this outfit every single day 🙂

Outfit three:

Such a go-to outfit for going out with the friends on a warm summer night (but not too warm). One of my favorite tops from this past summer is from Holly Sharp, (the cutest boutique I have ever run into in Newport, CA). I was shopping with my good friends when they found this top and it was a great decision to buy it. I paired this with a pair of jeans tore all the way down, from Blank NYC. So edgy and trendy and casual! Just what I like!  

Outfit four:

Picture a warm summer night, you’re walking around in town (Chagrin Falls, downtown Cleveland, Legacy Village). You have your favorite top from Free People on (which has the super cute style of crossed tie in the front.) Accompanied by a pair of ripped jeans from Blank NYC, (that has tears all the way down your legs.) Not big, trashy tears, but cute, stylish tears. Such a perfect look, because you look put together and trendy! Two of my favorite qualities!

Outfit five:

Last outfit, perfect for a colder summer night (but not too cold). This outfit consists of a black tank top from Old Navy, super cute jean shorts from American Eagle, and one of my favorite flannels from Spiritual Gangster that I found at great local boutique Gypsy Sole. By the way, you don’t need to have this black tank top from Old Navy to complete the outfit. Any black tank from any store works 🙂 One reason why I love this outfit is that it’s really casual but it is still presentable. Meaning you would definitely not look like a slob wearing this. Also, this outfit has a touch of spunk that adds character to whoever is wearing it.

Is tonight your last night of summer? Well, you’re in luck because most of these outfits can be worn until the middle of September. At least put all these clothes in your cart to order before next summer. Also, you will be ready for winter vacation if you are going somewhere warm. Lastly don’t be too upset because all the fun has come to an end because before you know it you will be back at your lake house, or your overnight camp, or your long days at the pool.

Good luck with the first day of school, make me proud 🙂

Happy Sunday, fun day! Hopefully, you’re having a great afternoon, making your last summer memories!

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