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5+ Homework Help Websites

School is tough – but don’t let it take over! Need help gaining control?

Below are resources (per subject) that can support you by helping you gain clarity and understanding.


☑ Khan Academy. @khanacademy

☑ Organic Chemistry Tutor. He actually does a lot of helpful math videos 🙂


☑ Course Hero Literary Analysis videos. @coursehero makes their own videos about common books you read in English. They are super helpful to check before exams as they provide the big picture of the text.

☑Be CAREFUL since many people upload their school work to the site but you don’t know if it’s correct. That part I don’t suggest since we don’t know if it’s reliable + it’s not your own 🙂


☑ Crash Course with John Green. This is super well known, but if you don’t know – john green makes quick and helpful history videos that help you gain clarity and maybe even laugh. He makes it engaging and sometimes silly to keep you interested. Other subjects are on @thecrashcourse course too – so definitely check it out.


☑ They have a bunch of grammar explanations and activities to do to test your knowledge. @spanishdict

Science: bio, chem, physics, (all on youtube)

☑ Amoeba Sisters. (Bio only) @amoebasistersofficial

☑ Melissa Maribel (Chem only). I actually loved her videos so much last year. She’s really easy to understand and def makes challenging topics easier to learn. @hellomelissam

☑ Organic Chemistry Tutor (Physics + Chem).

All subjects: instant homework help and online tutoring:

☑ Varsity tutors, you can set up a free account today and get help from expert online tutors on any homework problem in minutes. If you like your tutor, you can even set up a recurring session. @varsitytutors

⭐️ What’s your favorite online resource for online school? I just found out about Brainly, let me know if you’ve seen it or tried it before 🙂

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