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9 tips to boost your happiness

People always tell me that I never stop smiling.  I guess I’m lucky because being a positive, upbeat person comes pretty easily to me, but no matter what, no one feels this way all the time – not even me. Sometimes things creep up and you just don’t know why you are just not feeling like yourself. So when this happens, we have to take charge of our happiness. Here are some ideas to get you started thinking in this positive mindset.

Tip 1: Make sure you are getting enough sleep. It’s ok if you don’t get as much as you wanted one night, but on average hopefully you’re getting eight hours or more.

Tip 2: Just smile, research has shown that just when people smile, they feel happier. Or if you smile, others will usually smile back, which will make your surroundings better.

Tip 3: Make sure you’re hanging out with happy people. The way others feel can impact how you feel too.

Tip 4: Get a pet! Pets are so cute and they always make me feel like I want to eat them up. Yesterday I was looking at pictures of the newborn puppy I am getting and it makes me smile and say “he is so cute, it’s a little baby…. Awwww”.

Tip 5: Try something new. Maybe it was something you have never done before, or you have always wanted to do it. After you do it, find a time that day to write about in a journal. Write and organize your thoughts. This might help you see if you like what you did or if you did not.

Tip 6: Notice life, and look around you. Take a walk to the mailbox and keep all your thoughts present, you might see something new that you have never seen before.

Tip 7: Exercise, like running or fast walking. This gets your blood flowing, and when your blood is flowing you are healthy! Being healthy is a good feeling, it makes me feel clean, fresh, and new.

Tip 8: RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) it. Start at your house by giving people compliments,. You can compliment someone on things like their style or their cooking. I think you can make some sort of a compliment to someone. And when you go out, you can hold the door open for the next customer, let someone go ahead of you in line or notice when an older person may need some assistance.

Tip 9: Play that song, the one that makes you feel like you can just jump up and dance. Sometimes I connect my phone to my speaker and make the music really loud and just jam out!

Girl, start smiling! Research has shown that when people smile, it makes them feel happy too! So even if you’re feeling down, pick yourself up and just give me a smile. You can fall down seven times, but you will get up eight!

Here is a little video story of me, watch it by clicking the link below!



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