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Cleveland City Spotlight: Alson Jewelers

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Happy Sunday Chica’s! Hopefully, everyone had an amazing, well spent weekend because it’s about to get back down to the hardcore work week. You know it’s coming, be organized and start whatever you can after you read this post. You’ll thank me in the morning, babe!

First, shout out to Alson Jewelers, in Woodmere, Ohio. This is a really convenient spot, basically right between Eton and Starbucks on Chagrin Blvd. I had a great visit with them. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to share everything with you.

So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty about Alson Jewelers. Alson Jewelers is a local, family owned, beautiful, jewelry store. It is the perfect place to get pretty gifts for all sorts of occasions like bat mitzvahs, Sweet 16s, 8th grade, 12th grade or even college graduation. And don’t forget about all the birthdays in between. Visit their website here and see what they are all about. I have a few really charming necklaces and earrings that I got at Alson that I will keep forever! Also, here is Alson blog that you should totally follow if you need to know about jewelry fashion tips and trends as well as for some fun inspiration. Tell your mom, too, because as many things as there are for girls like us to love, there is even more for moms. For any dads out there who want to buy the perfect gift for mom, well there are many great options here. There are things for dad’s too!

Here are some of my favorite things I discovered and totally recommend:


These are a very special pair of earrings made by Ippolita, these cost $225 and this is something that you should grow into not out of. Definitely perfect for any special day!

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 3.43.27 PM.png

These are very cute rings that I really like. They are not only really fun but also made of beautiful sterling silver with pink sapphire. I personally really like this heart ring but all of them are super cute. They start at $395. I don’t wear rings that often yet but some of my friends do and so I think these would be great for a Bat Mitzvah gift, 13-year-old birthday or 8th-grade graduation.

FullSizeRender 4

This brand is super cute! They start at $98 so they are a really good price. This would be great for a bat mitzvah or 8th-grade graduation gift. Some of these are simple and some are more detailed, there is a lot to pick from. I love the “LOVE” one. You got to see it


Have you bought your mothers day gift yet? No? It’s okay, I got you covered. These Anzie bracelets are a perfect mother’s gift, and they are so fun. You can stack and mix and match them! They start at $285, get them soon because Mother’s day is in less than a month. Get your siblings together to all chip in since you may not have enough saved up to do it all on your own (and maybe dad can help with this one)!

IMG_2258 2
IMG_2263 3

Do you want to start being trendy and layering some bracelets on your wrist but you can’t find any good ones? Perfect, stop into Alson and ask about the Astley Clarke collection. These look so pretty layered and I guarantee everyone will want to know where you got them! They start at $195, perfectly reasonable.


These are so Hermes (in style, but NOT in price) and I love them! The bracelets by Halcyon Days are so pretty and colorful and make a great statement. I really like the style. You can only wear a few at a time. They start at $150.


I have been wearing this ever single day, they are my go to earrings at the moment. I switch off every few months, but these are always in the rotation. These are a great Bat Mitzvah, 8th-grade graduation, and any other special celebration. I honestly love the look of pearls. These start at $250 if you were thinking of purchasing them (which you totally should). They are part of the Alson Signature Collection.


John Hardy Dot earrings are really cool! These gold little balls are so crisp and clean. I have a pair like these and I wear them to parties. These cost $350 and they 18kt gold.

IMG_2260 3

So there you have it! There are some really fabulous things to discover at Alson Jewelers. I know some of these items are expensive, but when special occasions come up these might be just the right thing to have your wish list! Hopefully, everyone had an amazing fun filled weekend, I just ran a 5K last week, it was super fun! I should start running or walking more often, hmm?! Yesterday I saw Freaky Friday the musical at Play House theater, and it was amazing. I totally suggest it, it is different from the movie though so it will throw you for a spin! In about two weeks, I am in a production of Beauty and The Beast and you guys should all come! Bring your little sisters and brothers, your cousins, and any other little friends. It will be a great production, more info about it in this image below!

FullSizeRender 6.jpg


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