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Future dreams and wannabee’s

She sees herself moving to New York. Finding a special person there on a random magazine writing  interview. I imagine a pretty girl, with a great sense of style, and those green apple eyes, a wonder seeker you might say. She’s walking into Cosmopolitan headquarters, with a hat and gloves, cute jeans and a tee-shirt and sweater, with a decaf latte and a stevia in her hand. She has her hands full, coffee in one hand an acai bowl in the other. A little chilly feeling then she walks up the stairs to the fourth floor and checks in, meeting a new guy at the desk. He says “how may I help you?” She then said “Ummmm, Charlotte Wasserman main writer here! Are you a newbie here?” They have a wonderful conversation, she laughs, he laughs, they both laugh. She knows she has to be at a meeting soon, so she has to hurry on. Ending the conversation suddenly, but saying “we’ll have to talk soon, well I’ll see probably see you before I leave at the end of the day. Actually, I’ll be leaving…” He stops her and says “You better get to that meeting with Coco Channel, she’s going to be here really soon, so hurry on now! I’ll see you later, though.” She realizes to herself, nice guy, and wished she thanked him for her reminder.

“Ok guys, don’t mind me I got to get ready for my meeting with Coco Chanel in 15 minutes, just somebody get the coffee made, decaf and regular, I don’t know which one she prefers. So we’ll make both. I need another person! Hey, Sally get the pillows and the couch made up, clean up the room, and remind everyone in the office to be spick and spam we got a visitor coming from a very big business, and I want her to use us for publicity.”

Ok, I’m ready, as I tell myself when I sit down. I open my Mac, drink my decaf latte and take one breath in. “I’m ready, Cosmopolitan and Coco Chanel, here we come!”

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