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Hand Washing with Gratitude

Don’t be fooled by the title, Wash Your Hands for Grandma! In this inspiring (and really short) article by Angela Ducksworth (author of GRIT), she shares a fun twist on this topic we’ve all heard so much about.

The first idea revolves around gratitude. She suggests that we should be grateful for having people, like family and friends and that we need to do our part so that they don’t get sick. We can use gratitude and think about those loved ones who we care about.

The second idea revolves around pinpointing the barrier or hurdle that is getting in the way of your ability to take action. She suggests acknowledging that thing, taking note of it, and then jotting down an action plan so you can eliminate the barrier. If I were to think of one common barrier, it could be laziness. Some of you, including me at some points, would rather just get back to the couch instead of maybe cleaning that one dish or even throwing out a piece of paper. Try using her plan with pinpointing and action planning to eliminate your barriers.

Angela Ducksworth is an author and writes weekly emails about universal ideas and shares how you can take action. Her book GRIT is also a great read. I am mid-way through it and still eager to learn about how passion and perseverance can fuel one’s achievements.

Take two minutes to read the article here:

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