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How to be a “spring breaker”

Hey girly, how’s are you? I feel like I haven’t written to you guys in forever… Who’s ready for spring break but doesn’t know what to pack, where to get it, and how to start? Keep reading and I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it. Below are all the items you will need to bring on Spring Break in style.

First things first, It’s hard to imagine you’ll be leaving the gray gloom of the cloudy winter behind but hopefully, as soon as you land, you will need a pair of cute sunnies that you will wear to the beach, at the beach, and during the day on all your other escapades.  I will show you two very cute and accessible styles that I suggest you consider. Gold Matte/Pink aviators from Ray-Ban: If you’re not such a pinky, girly-girl, you might like the cool Metallic Round Glasses from Forever21 Just grab some friends, hit up the mall one day before you leave and you’ll be able to cross one thing off the list.


When you’re spending your break in the sun, it definitely takes more work than your regular Winter dressing (when we can hide beneath coats and hats).  Literally, vacation and warm weather outfitting goes from head to toe and everything in between. Toes look great and feel free in everyone’s favorite style, easy, breezy (literally), flip-flops. Check out TKEES and Jack Rogers I’m thinking of wearing my TKEES for the day and Jack Rogers at night. TKEES are perfect for the pool, beach and daytime shorts and tees. Jack Rogers are the perfect complement to jeans, rompers, and dresses for dinner in the town. The cool thing about TKEES is there are a ton of great color options and for fun, you can have them monogrammed with your initials for no extra charge! I can’t wait to wear mine on Spring Break 2018!


If you’re going somewhere warm, your probably going to be wearing a swimsuit for most of the day. So why not look your best while swimming or tanning and show a little of your personal style at the same time? Some of my best swimsuit finds are from Target. You can mix and match the tops and the bottoms. They have tons of colors, patterns and they are right on trend. You can’t beat the price and the best thing is you can buy them any time of the year, online, and they can be delivered to your house or if you need them more quickly you can have them delivered to the store nearest you. Just keep in mind that the pictures on the website show the whole suit (bikini top and bottom), but you have to order tops and bottoms separately. I found out the hard way recently when I thought I ordered 3 new suits and then I found out I only ordered the tops!!  But luckily, as I said, I was able to mix and match them so well with the ones I had at home that all worked out just fine!

So, as we know you’re probably reading this post just a few weeks before for your trip and I don’t want you to forget one of the most essential things — a cute cover up!  Don’t know where to get one? Honey, I got you! Luckily you come across this super cool fashion-foodie-style blogger (me) and she helps you out. To find the perfect, lightweight, whimsical, fashionable cover-ups, check out Roberta Roller Rabbit I’ve been wearing Roberta Roller Rabbit cover-ups since I was little but they aren’t just for little girls. They are just pure beachy fun and with the right attitude they go from ‘lil kid to teen style queen without much effort 🙂 They are great just to throw on to go out to the beach/pool, but they also look just right when you head to the yummy beach club to order another Virgin Pina Colada.  But don’t get me started about vacation smoothies (clearly one of my favorite parts)…that’s the topic for a whole other blog.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 4.03.21 PM

Hmm… How am I going to carry my vacation reading, extra sunscreen, headphones, chargers, gum, purell, snack bar (my latest favorite is Think Thin- High Protein Bars), kleenex (did I forget anything)? If you look at, they will have you covered. This tote bag captivates you with its minimalist silhouette and ample volume which can easily hold all of your stuff and a laptop. Its long handles allow you to wear it comfortably, and is perfect to hold all your crazy belongings! One great tip, if you buy this bag you can have it double as your beach bag. This way you can have more room to pack something more valuable (wink wink) in your suitcase. 

Now how do you feel about Spring Break packing?  Are you inspired to get a couple of new, fun things?  Make sure to follow me on Instagram @itsagirlslifeblog to see some of my favorite items in action in sunny Miami Beach! Have a great Spring Break, I’ll see you next month!

Want to buy fun stuff from the photo/grid? Checkie here!

  1. Ray-Ban Silver Matte Purple Mirror Aviators// $178

  2. Longchamp Lavender Le Pliage Tote Bag// $145

  3. Target Blue Sky Bralette Bikini Top// $14.99

  4. Roberta Roller Rabbit Safira Inez Tunic// $135

  5. Target Green Olive Strappy Back Bralette Bikini Top// $14.99

  6. Ray-Ban Gold Matte Pink Mirror Aviators// $178

  7. Jack Rogers Georgica Leather Sandal// $128

  8. Women’s Hipster Bikini Bottom Xhilaration// $14.99

  9. Tkees No.26 Ballet Pink Solid Leather Flip Flops// $50 (add a monogram for free!)

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