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Journey to confidence

Hey sleeping beauty, do you need help waking up and a little help showing the world who you are? Well, you have come to the right place, here I will let you in on the tips and tricks that I have found helpful in building a more self-confident me.

Find your hobbies and fill your free time with something you’re passionate about. Personally, I do not play sports like the many of my classmates, but I am very busy. I fill my schedule with blogging, acting, singing, babysitting, cycling and reading. Take some time to figure out things you like to do or things you would like to accomplish and try them. Hopefully, you will find one or two things that really interest and excite you. Taking time to nurture these interests are the perfect answer when you are stressing about school work or school drama. When you are feeling less confident in the day to day nonsense that can sometimes get you down, you always have your hobbies to distract you and refocus you. It will also make your day to day life more exciting, meaningful and well-rounded. Believe it or not, being more well rounded will help you be more confident and happy because you will feel more ready to handle lots of different situations and different kinds of people. By the way, filling your extra time with hobbies and important commitments is also a good idea, if you work better when you have less time on your hand.  Believe me, you will be busy!

Learning how to accept failure. I cannot stress this enough, people are NOT perfect, we make mistakes. Failure is a key component to life and if you learn how to bounce back from it now, you will thank yourself in the long run. This will also help you be more centered and will help you take more things in stride like when you get a lower score on a test than you expected or if you didn’t make the team captain. Sometimes it’s helpful to figure out what things you could have done better and what steps you can take to get a better outcome the next time. And sometimes, there is nothing you can do, it just is what it is, and you have to remember that life is a series of ups and downs and wins and losses. You can always spend some time being disappointed, but don’t get too stuck, move on to the next adventure.

Taking care of your body so you look good and feel good. The one time in life that it is ok to be selfish is when you are sick, stressed/overwhelmed, and when puberty hits hard. So to take care of your body, take care of your personal hygiene, learn how to meditate, and try to sleep more than seven hours on a school night. Quick pointer, if you are stressed all the time, it is normal, but that means that maybe meditation is something you should explore with. I suggest using the app “Headspace”, I try to use it once a day and it has really helped.

Dance and listen to energy boosting music,  preferably EDM, to get your blood flowing and your confidence rising. Even if you just sing at the top of your lungs in the shower, this will help you feel calm, get your body shaking, and mix your mind around. These are all great things to do, and they are fun too! It will wake up your body for a longer time than caffeine 🙂

On the lighter side, put on some heels!  It sounds weird, but when your an inch (or two) taller you will feel more confident. By doing this, it changes your whole look and makes you feel good. And you know what they say, if you feel good, you look good. Which makes everything in life better, and is basically my life mantra. Just think back to a special night you had with your family or friends, and you really took time to make yourself look your best, how did you feel? Did you feel like you could run the world? That feeling is what wearing heels feels like for a shorty, like me!

Stop seeking your imperfections and show everyone you’re beautiful inside and out. This tip is the most important one. If you let go of all of the moments people judge you and all the moments you felt fake, and you just be yourself, it is wonderful. Really wonderful – I tell you! Stop acting fake just so you can fit into ‘this group’ or ‘that group’ because you are just running in circles, wasting time, which could lead you down the wrong path. Start being YOU and people will start to notice that you are beautiful inside and out, which is true. You just have to let yourself believe it! Gosh, I feel so inspired, I never knew I had that in me 🙂

With all of your free time in summer, you can start now, to do all of those hobbies that you didn’t get to do or did not have enough time to do during the year. Summer is also a time just to relax, chill out, hang out with friends, and let the sun beam down on you. I will be leaving for overnight summer camp on June 22 for seven weeks. I will, sadly, not be posting on my blog 🙁 But when I get back in August, I will come home with some new ideas so I could post as soon as possible! I will miss you all, but will be back before you know it! Remember, to have fun, and promise me to just be you!

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