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Hey, fam! It’s been two weeks since we last talked, so let’s catch up. Here is a current list of my all time favorite things! Before I start with that, right now it’s 10:06 am and I am sitting in my living room, eating apples with cinnamon, and listening to “I Don’t Want Live Forever”. It’s lit, were going to brunch soon at one of my favorite places “TownHall” Yummmm, so let’s get into this blog!

Currently reading: ME INC. by Gene Simmons


I am almost finished with ME INC. It’s the best story with the best inspiration. I totally suggest it!! Have you ever heard of the band KISS, well it is all about one of the guys in that band (Gene Simmons), who is more than the face and mind behind KISS (an extremely successful band). He is a extremely successful entrepreneur with a very motivating and inspiring story. Perfect book for people who love real life stories!

11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass


I am starting this book this weekend because I have a long winter weekend. Whoop, whoop, I’m going skiing. All of my friends recommended 11 Birthdays to me. I read a few pages it seems good. It’s like the movie 12 Dates of Christmas, where the girl keeps having one day repeat till she gets it right.

Currently watching: Last Man Standing


OMG, it’s the best. I actually just finished it yesterday, and I’m kinda mad. It makes a good laugh before bed, in the morning, or if you’re lonely on a Friday night. Comedy is my favorite genre of movies and shows, so it’s perfect for me. Comment below your favorite movie genre.

Current fav beauty product: Sensitive Skin Lotion for hands and body. A winter ESSENTIAL!


When I found this at Sephora I was like “I’ll just buy it and we can see if it works”. Well, I brought it home, and I use it every night, ahhhh the feeling of moist hands! Oddly, satisfying!! Literally, if your hands are cracked, dry, bleeding, red, you need to take a trip to the mall, and buy yourself this.

Currently baking: (Instead of making, baking LOL) Madeline cookies


This is my all-time favorite cookies from Starbucks and now I learned to make them at home, delicious! I am making these for my valentine (Deer Valley), I can’t wait to see him on the upcoming weekend!! If you have never made them at home, you gotta try it, they were not too hard to make, but then again my family cooks and bakes a lot. And don’t get too excited about making these until you bought the right cookie mold to make the perfect Madeline cookie shape. I bought mine from Sur La Table and it worked great.

Currently listening: Play That Song

Two of my good friends turned me onto this song, I love it, I sing it a lot. It is stuck in my head “Hey, mister DJ when you gonna spin it, my baby’s favorite record she been waiting for a minute”. Comment below if you guys want me to make a playlist (on Spotify) for our big, Char Fam! I’d love too, and I might be having down time later this week… after 3 test and one essay!

So those are my all time current favorites, make sure to stay in touch with me and follow me on Instagram, @itsagirlslifeblog. I love to blog, not a blogger in love! Also if you have not already, subscribe today to my blog, just look above to the categories on my website.

Happy Valentines Day


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