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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Hey, Beautiful! With Mother’s Day around the corner, I figured you guys could use a little help with gift ideas. Nothing like the stress of waiting until the last minute to find the right gift. This guide also includes many items tailored to fit our small budgets but yet still have a whole lot of heart! I also went the extra distance to discuss this list with the best mom ever, my mom, Hallie (pictured with me at the beach) and she approved, so I’m sure your mom will love these ideas, too! Now all you have to do is pick something out, purchase, and give to the person who is closest to your heart (and I don’t mean your boyfriend), your mother!

1) A family photo book that can hold all those sentimental memories of the last year in one place. Your mother will love this and will brag about it all over Facebook. Her caption will be “look how cute my children are, they made me THIS photo book.” You can purchase one on your apple photos app > file > create > book. Prices range from $9.99 to $39.99

2) A quick pick-me-up to relive all motherly stress at Blissful Foot Spa (a local Cleveland fav). Make an appointment and let her pamper herself with a full menu of massage options and various other reflexology and acupressure treatments. If you are not a local Clevelander, look for a similar type service in your area. Cost ranges from $40 to $90 depending on the exact service.

3) A Beach House Candle can impress any guest and sets the right mood heading into summer and can be found at Bluemercury. You can never go wrong with something that would remind mom to surf the waves of life and remind her of the relaxing times at the beach during last family vacation. $65

4) Roberta Roller Rabbit sleepwear looks great and is super comfy.  This item may be a little expensive, but if you have a couple of siblings, this could be something you could share the cost of.  My mom, Hallie, loves Roberta PJs and suggests other moms try the terry bathrobes too, she said “it’s like wrapping myself in a cozy blanket,” perfect after a hot shower or steamy bath. $95

5) An eye-catching, monogrammed keychain that won’t break the bank and will have mom thinking of you every time she reaches for her keys. My Sister’s Spangle makes these stylish (Louis Vuitton inspired) keychains ($25). Check them out here and Direct Message them on Instagram to order.

6) Check out Sew Cute So Stacy, where you can find fun and unique personalized gifts for your mom, for mother’s day, and even something cute for yourself! Even though all of Stacy’s stuff is very fun, some of my favorites for mother’s day are the monogrammed robe, the swell bottle (that you can have decorated with cute sayings), and the monogram Longchamp-inspired makeup bag. The Swell Bottle can be monogrammed with your mother’s initials or a fun saying (i.e. MOM A TITLE JUST ABOVE QUEEN). It is also insulated so this would make a great gift if your mom is one of those moms who is always making sure to drink her 10 glasses of water a day or the kind of mom that wants to make sure she is caffeinated all day long. Ranges from $7-14. The monogrammed robe comes in a cotton waffle design for $40 or terry velour for $45. I think I might need one of these for myself, while I’m at it, shhh…don’t tell my mom! The Longchamp-inspired makeup bag is another great go-to present. These are so cute and would be perfect for makeup or other travel essentials. These would also make the best pencil bag to throw into my backpack…but I know, it not about us right now…we need to stay focused on mom. $20

7) Bodum French Press and a bag of Rising Star coffee – the perfect combo to help her get out of bed, wake her up, and support her throughout the day. Who knows who/what she will love more – YOU (for giving this to her) or the coffee! $30 for 12 ounce press. Add a bag of Rising Star coffee ( $14) that you can find at their store or at Heinens. Don’t forget to have the coffee ground unless you have a grinder at home.

8) A Bathtub caddy so she can read her book and maybe drink some wine in the bathtub, from Bed Bath and Beyond. Luxurious sounding, right? This will help momma spend more time in the bath, and less time checking up on you… shhh! $40

9) A Mini herb garden made up of a small pot of thyme, a small pot of basil, and a small pot of rosemary. She will love this original idea if she is the cook in the family because she will have fresh herbs at her fingertips all summer long. If you get make this, she will really understand that you know her well. Here is a link to how to plant the herbs in the pots You can buy the herbs, pots and soil at your local garden store.

10) A gift card to the Power Room, the #1 place that helps my mom look the ways she does :). She can use this to buy makeup brands you can’t find anywhere else in Cleveland or book a relaxing facial, brow sculpting, or even a private makeup lesson. My mom also says that Kelly at The Powder Room does the BEST spray tans. We always make fun of her for getting these, but it’s much safer than tanning for hours at the beach and it looks great. You can pick up the gift card at Kelly’s store at Eton Collection, in Cleveland. Mother’s Day is May 13, so you better grab your siblings and go shopping for a gift soon! If you have any further questions about any of the gifts, you can email me Most of these places can wrap these gifts for you, so don’t forget to ask while you are there. Also, make sure you get a card for your mom (moms love cards)!  If you’re reading this and you’re thinking “oh shoot, how am I going to get this gift, all my siblings are younger than me and I don’t drive yet?” Just ask your dad (or your aunt or your grandma) to take you. Also, some of these gifts can be ordered online so that route may be an option. Wow..that didn’t seem too hard, did it?! See you next month, ladies!

Want to shop the grid? Checkie here!

  1. Photo book from Apple// $9.99 to $39.99

  2. Massage from Blissful Foot Spa// $40-90 depending on service

  3. Beach House scented candle from Bluemercury// $65

  4. Pj set from Roberta Roller Rabbit// $95

  5. Keychains from My Sister Spangle// $25

  6. Makeup bag from Sew Cute So Stacy// $20

  7. Bodum French Press// $30

  8. Bathtub Caddy// $40

  9. Mini herb garden from your local grocery store// price will vary from place to place

  10. Monogram robe from Sew Cute So Stacy// $40-45

  11. Personalized Swell Bottle from Sew Cute So Stacy// $7-$14

  12. The Power Room at Eton// $ depending on service

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