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Road Trip Snacks, Things To Do, and Essentials

As some of you might have known, I just got back from a trip to drop off my brother at college. Guess what, we drove there, it was only four hours away from home, so it was not a long drive. Since I just got back, I wanted to share some of my tips for road trips. If you do it right, you will survive. Also, this blog is for any passengers that will be attending the road trip with you. The reason why these tips are only good for passengers is because, I will be sharing with you things to do and the driver should just be driving, NOT TEXTING or doing anything else, just concentrating ON the road.

During your short (or long) road trip, you might get hungry, but you’re in the middle of nowhere. What should you do? Well, luckily I am here to tell you what to bring before you leave for your trip, so during the car ride, you can eat some food, and feel full till your next meal. This list of snacks should help you be full, by eating healthy foods.

Easy packed, road trip snacks

  1. Fruit, some sort of fruit that is in pieces (example: any berries, honeydew, cantaloupe, grapes)

  2. Nuts, they can be salted or plain, whatever you like best (examples: almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans)

  3. Veggies, preferably mini veggies, so they can fit in a small bag (examples: carrots, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes)

  4. Smoothie (examples: homemade, Naked, strawberry banana)

  5. Granola bar (examples: Cliff Bar, Zone bar, Fiber One bar)

  6. Cup of water, either in a water bottle (preferably insulated) or plastic bottle of water.

Now that you have eaten a snack, you’re bored and don’t know what to do. Well, at least I caught you again and reminded you to pack some activities to do on your ride. These activities are some things I did on my trip and some things I thought of that I should have done. These are all just suggestions, so you can pick the ones you like the best and do them. Or maybe you have other ideas. You can comment below and share your suggestions with the girl community.

Things to do on a road trip

  1. Homework, if you have any homework, you should plan it out and do some in the car

  2. Read, read a fun book you like and maybe finish it. I love to read, and it takes up time, (to make the trip not as long).

  3. Write, writing is fun to let your imagination run free, and maybe you find a talent (like me)

  4. Check your calendar, look over your next few weeks and see what appointments you have coming up or plans coming up.

  5. Plan (using a calendar), students in school, look over your plans and plan out homework or any work you know you’re going to have.

  6. Music, listen to music, happy exciting music, my favorite is Pop radio from Apple.

  7. Sleep, it’s the best it makes time fly.

Finally, you have your whole plan of what you’re going to do on the trip, but you need essentials to make that happen. This is the last time I’ll save you, if you keep reading my post you will see yet again another list. A very special list, that you will NEED to survive this road trip to your destination. The last, and final list is…. DRUM ROLL PLEASE…. a list of essentials for your road trip!!! These items are all recommended by me, and I think all items are very helpful in different ways. So let’s hop on to it!

Road trip essentials

  1. Glasses (if you wear them)

  2. Phone charger

  3. Book

  4. Sweatshirt (cozy)

  5. Sunglasses

  6. Headphones

  7. Portable charger (charge night before)

  8. Wallet with money in

  9. Magazine

  10. Pens

  11. Notebook

  12. Gum

  13. Headphones

  14. Homework supplies (if you had homework)

  15. Snacks

  16. iPhone (100 percent charge)

  17. Mac

  18. Mac charger

  19. Small pillow and blanket

Follow (mostly) everything in this post and you will survive a road trip. Mine was so fun! I slept the whole way there. Then the way back, I did all my work that had to be done. Before I knew it I was back home. Home sweet home! Hopefully, all you girls liked this blog, if you have any input on this blog please comment below. We all want to hear your tips! Just remember this is a public blog so anything you say is out to the public. If you have any questions comment below, I’d love to answer them. Have a great rest of the summer!! I love you guys!


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