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Teens guide to a staycation

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Is Winter Break coming faster than you think? I know it’s crazy, right now, as I’m writing this I’m wrapped in a blanket dreading the thought of leaving the warm and comfy sofa! Here are some things that can actually get you hyped for spending some of your well-needed break, relaxing and enjoying without ever leaving your town (and in some cases your house)!

Do you have a week or two off for winter break and you have no plans to go out of town? Well, you don’t always have to leave town to have a “fun” vacation, some of the best places are in your city, just waiting to be discovered. One of the best things to do when you have nothing planned, is to research and find out what new, local, hot spots have opened in your town. One tip to find these new places is searching different hashtags including the name of your city (ie #clefoodie, #clestyle, #clecoffee) on Instagram. You can also find other bloggers from your city and see what they like (they always seem to know what’s going on). I call this ‘trend hunting’.  I just recently discovered a new, trendy, local place, Heartwood Roastery (in Hudson, OH). Don’t you just love a good coffee shop? It’s more than just the coffee which Heartwood sources from around the world and then roasts to perfection.  It’s also about the beautiful, clean design of the cafe, which also serves a delicious avocado toast (one of my other favorite things).  Continuing my ‘trend hunt’, led me across the street to a donut place I been dying to check out, Peace, Love & Little Donuts. They call this place the grooviest donut shop this side of the Milky Way. They are known for some of the craziest, most fun flavors and toppings. They have over 20 stores across the USA. Check their website to see if there is one near you. As they say, “good things come in small packages,” even donuts! So get out there and do some ‘trend hunting’ in your city and see what you can find.

Do you love hot cocoa as much as I do? I like it best by the fireplace while watching my favorite movie…ahh just imagine (pause to imagine, 1 2 3 4). I recently found the best recipe from Smitten Kitchen, one of my favorite bloggers! This recipe includes crushed chocolate, salt, cocoa powder, vanilla extract and a couple more basic items. With ingredients like that, who needs to know more?  Add a topping of marshmallows or a crown of whipped cream, you gotta try it!

Maybe you’re not such a hot cocoa girl, I still have you covered! Are you a fan of homemade Rice Krispie treats? Smitten Kitchen does it again with a devilishly delicious Caramelized Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats. When you try this, you will realize nothing is better than homemade baked goods.  This recipe consists of a lot of “the good stuff” like marshmallows, salt, crispy cereal, butter, and so much more. If you’re planning a quiet night at home alone this winter break, make a batch and find your favorite Netflix go-to. If you’re feeling really rebellious, consider making both a cup of cocoa and a Krispy treat, this two together…pure bliss.

Still got another day to fill on your calendar?  How ‘bout a spa night with the girls? You can set the mood with a dimly lit room by turning off the lights and lighting a few scented candles. A girl’s spa night is inexpensive and easy to organize and that makes it an easy-peasy, fun-filled activity for those really looking to relax this winter break. Also, you can spend a whole night calming down and catching up with the besties, instead of thinking about the cold dreary weather. So if you are thinking of doing this, first – great idea, second – go to the local store with “the good stuff” and buy a few things to treat your guests. I’m thinking, some drinks (lemonade, juice, cider, cocoa, tea), a few facial masks, candles, speaker (for the meditation music), essential oils, and a bunch more. Check this out to help you plan. HOME ALONE?? No problem!  This can be equally as a relaxing and enjoyable solo. Just make sure you have the latest best seller on your nightstand or get online and do some fun, guilt-free power surfing. Treating yourself every once in awhile is always a good idea.

Hopefully, you had a great Thanksgiving! I’ll see you next month and it will be 2018, I can’t believe it!

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