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Teens guide to loveruary

Hey ladies! How’s everything? Cold? Dark? Yep, that’s winter all right! But February (or Loveruary) is short, you can make it. I have a few fashion perks to spice up your workouts and your downtime. And we mustn’t forget about some fun, delicious treats, too…I mean the month of February wouldn’t be complete without something sweet!

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This whole month of February is about mooshy gooshy love but is also about loving yourself and making the light shine on your parade. So while you’re loving yourself, do it with style! I’m still sticking to one of my fitness goals of spinning twice a week. I’ve especially been loving my early morning, 8:30am weekend workouts. It’s the best way to get your day kick-started.  I hope you made some fitness goals, too. Wearing a cute, hip, the outfit will make you feel extra confident when holding that plank. It is just the extra motivation we all need. Just in time, Forever 21 introduced a new athletic line (  There’s so much to pick from! And the prices are unbelievable.  I am really excited about my cute, new leggings. One is black with mesh down the outside of the legs and the other is teal and has a criss-cross, cut-out pattern down the leg.  They were only $25, less than half the price of Lululemon! They also have the cutest criss-cross bras, cut-out tanks and wrap around tees to bring your workout style to a whole new level!

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The best part of working out is knowing once you are done, you earned some time to sit back and relax. But, if you are like most of us, this part of your wardrobe doesn’t often get updated.  If all you have are those old PJ pants from ages ago and those too-small sweatpants that are stained and looking kinda of shabby…well lady, this means it’s time to get out there and buy some new stuff! I have a few suggestions and guidelines to relaxing in style that I’m going to share, but there are so many options, let’s go! First, you need the bottoms, so check out my new favorite brand Aerie ( They sell the cutest flannel pajama pants as well as really cool, fitted, jogger style ribbed leggings.


The best part about these leggings is that they can do double duty.  Wear them lounging around the house, but they work just as well out of the house, too. I wore these on my long day of airplane travel during my recent trip to Mexico. They were perfect for keeping me looking pulled together but also so comfortable for the long-dreaded flight. The other brand to look at for stylish and comfy lounging stuff is Forever 21 ( again. I just got these new ‘Bulldog’ themed PJ pants and they are super soft, it’s like being wrapped the clouds! Then, to complement your pants you need some cozy footwear. Check out Aerie Woolrich Slipper Sock (, they are heaven!

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During the “heart of winter” (aka February), it is the perfect time of the year to treat yourself with a few really special treats.  We all know chocolates are very smooshy gooshy but they can also be just what you need to save the day. My favorite chocolates are from Fantasy Candies (  Their chocolate covered popcorn, pretzels, and potato chips are the best of the best. They are a local favorite here in Cleveland, but they have a website too, so no matter where you live, you can place your order without even leaving your big, comfy couch. Say you’re not a chocolate lover, cookies are so good too! Cookies aren’t very lovey-dovey but they are good, so make sure to make the “G-O-A-T”(Greatest Of All Time) recipe for Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies either with friends or for friends ( Also, you can’t have cookies without cute cut-out designs, so I suggest these cookie cutters. Sur La Table has a great selection of fun, colorful cookie cutters and again, you can order online if you can’t get to the store.  If you don’t like cookies or chocolate… go to the doctor before continuing reading! Just kidding :). So if neither one of those options is your thing, try French Macarons.  These luscious treats are light but bursting with flavor and they are my new fav. I just recently found them at Whole Foods (, who would have known? Pretty convenient. By the way, when I discovered them, I was so happy, I even did a little dance! I got a few stares but haters gonna hate, you know?

Ok…I think you are set to make February FABULOUS!  I never knew 15 degrees could be so fun! Did you?

Have a great month,

See you next time

XO, Charlotte

Want to buy fun stuff from the photo? Checkie here!

  1. Forever 21 Sports Bra// $14.90

  2. Fantasy Candied Crunch Basket// $20

  3. Aerie Lace Up Cropped Hoodie// $39.95

  4. Aerie Woolrich Slipper Sock// $60

  5. Whole Foods French Macarons// $Depends on how many you buy

  6. Forever 21 Active Mesh-Panel Leggings// $17.90

  7. Aerie Push Jogger Pants// $39.95

  8. Sur La Table Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter// $1.50

  9. Forever 21 Active Dolphin-Hem Hooded Top// $19.90

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