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Thoughts On Charcoal Toothpaste 

Hey chica’s, Black is the new orange, all these vloggers, bloggers, famous people, and my friends, have tried this black stuff called charcoal toothpaste. I’ve been researching (the links I used are down below) a little about it and found out some interesting facts. I have not actually tried it yet, but I might order some. I’m kind of scared, however, of gagging on it because of the taste. The information down below might be the answer to your question “is this safe, does it work?”or it might just be the right information to convince your mom to get you some.

Here are some things you should know before purchasing (first link). By the way, this list is not everything about charcoal toothpaste, it’s just information I found using my three websites below.

  1. Naturally whitens your teeth, not through harsh dental-grade whitening peroxides, but through the power of Activated Charcoal, nature’s best purifiers and detoxifiers.

  2. Helps remove stains from a number of causes: coffee stains, wine, cigarettes

  3. All natural

  4. Made in the USA

  5. Highest quality ingredients

  6. Coconut charcoal, not hardwood

  7. Hassle Free, brush like normal

  8. Purifies and Detoxifies

Make sure to read all the questions (on Amazon) before buying, to make sure you know what you’re doing.


  1. After using, “If you eat a blueberry, it could stain it blue,” says Dr. Wolff.

  2. This is not a substitute for toothpaste, still, remember to brush and floss with regular toothpaste too, then you can brush the heck out of your teeth.

  3. Brush with it no more than once every other week

  4. Unusual symptoms, like raw or bleeding gums and an increase in sensitivity. If you experience any of these symptoms, stop using charcoal toothpaste right away and make an appointment with your dentist.

Now that you know more about charcoal toothpaste, maybe you will buy it. There is still so much more on charcoal toothpaste that I did not even add, so feel free to research some more about it. If you do research more, please comment below the link and I (and the girl community) will be happy to read it. If I just saved your life, comment below “you are my idol, Charlotte,” just kidding, don’t do that 🙂 Hopefully, all you guys are on spring break. Literally yesterday, I had an acting practice in the morning and when I came home, I slept for an hour, no timer, nothing, just a relaxing on my first day of spring break. This is a break from my hard work. I just needed time to just chill, and have my mind free of the “busy work” I call homework. Is that so bad? Today, I landed in Florida, and I am so excited to get some good vitamin sea!

Happy spring break!

Xoxo, Charlotte

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