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Winter is here, update with cheer

As you might know, I live in Cleveland. So it’s getting pretty cold this time of year, and you might need to revamp your room. Well, its perfect you’re here because I have the best ideas for you.

Does your room look too much like fall? Did you forget to take down your leaf decors from a fall DIY? Does your room still have fans all over it from the summer? Oh, wow you guys need some help with this, don’t you?!

The pictures above are some examples of what your room might currently look like. It’s ok if your room never looked like any of those because mine does not either. We will see where the process takes us 🙂

Here are my go to steps on how to revamp your room to a tumblr winter wonderland:

Search up any ideas and inspiration:

“diy winter room”

“diy winter decor”

“winter diys”

But keep in mind, you probably can’t buy everything, so choose your project wisely.

1. Ask mom or dad if they can take you (if you don’t have a car)

2. Buy some snazzy stuff at the store

3. Head home, maybe stop at Starbucks on the way 

4. Lay out all your materials or stuff you’re gonna use in your room

5. And get cracking…

6. Hang the fabric up

7. Paint the glitter on

8. Get the music gammin

9. Change into sweats because it might be a while

10. Have a lonely dance party

11. Update your Snapchat story

12. Get a snack

13. Get the snowflakes everywhere

14. Put a coffee cup on your bedside table

15. Make some Hot Chocolate

16. And enjoy your new room!

I am sorry that I could not film a video of me revamping my room because I am currently out of town, but a video will be coming your way soon!!

Lastly, I would like to share a new, upcoming feature to my blog. It is called Cleveland City Spotlight for girls, CCS for girls. CCS for girls is an opportunity for you guys to learn about cool places I discovered in my home city, Cleveland. Stayed tuned for our kick-off soon!

Happy holidays!!

Love you all,

It’s A Girl’s Life


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