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Winter Wardrobe Wanderlust

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Hey yo chica! Old man winter might be upon us, but that doesn’t mean we all have to hibernate and take a break from looking our best.  I got you covered (no pun intended), just step into my (virtual) office 🙂 You know how everyone talks about Spring cleaning, well that goes for Winter, too. Sorry to say, but it’s time to clean out your closet. Get out all your shorts, your white jeans, sundresses, and rompers. Next, keep reading, be inspired, and get online to check out my winter wardrobe wanderlust (you’re welcome :).

Number one: You definitely need a cool beanie hat to keep your ears warm and protected from the horrible, cold, stuff that’s headed our way. Most of the time, if your ears are cold, your whole body will be cold, so this item is essential. Also, if you want to look stylish from head to toe, this is just something you can add to personalize your look. Beanies come in a lot of fun styles, i.e., fur pom poms on top, ribbed, fleece, cuffed, cuffless and knit. One of my current favorites is from Love Your Melon. This company is dedicated to giving a hat to every child fighting cancer in the US, so, not only do you feel good, but you help someone else feel good, too. Check them out!


Number two: Puffy coats! I suggest investing in a warm, cozy, puffy, winter coat. Don’t let yourself freeze in the cold with a just a vest, because girl, fall is long gone, and there are definitely cute ways to stay warm and show your style this winter.  Uniqlo has a great selection of really affordable, fashionable, lightweight, and colorful styles. H&M and Topshop also have stylish options with faux fur and other cute details meaning you’ll be set for whatever comes your way.


Number three: Winter is not a break from showing off your style, honey, so get creative with the tied and true plaid flannel! I found a plaid flannel jacket with a fleece lining from L.L.Bean.  It’s going to be the new trend and it is so dang comfortable and warm. I’d sleep with it on if I could! Flannels are the perfect layering piece!  Throw it on over a tee or tank and then if you get warm, you can take it off and tie it around your waste. Because of this, flannels can be worn starting in the fall all the way through winter. One of the softest flannel I have right now is from Forever 21, and it was sold at a great price, just $15. Don’t let this amazing bargain go to waste. Get one today! 


Number four: I’m guessing you live in a place with pretty bad winters like many storms, power outages, and (hopefully) snow days. Sometimes even with the bad storms, you need to go on an errand. But you end up skipping it because you’re lazy and too cold to get out of bed. Well, guess what, sadly, you’re going to need to get out of bed at some point! So pick yourself up out of bed, wash your face, brush your hair and grab a boyfriend sweater. The boyfriend sweater can serve as a fashionable blanket so you can bring the comfy-ness with you, wherever you go. Some really cute and affordable ones I’m looking at right now are from Forever21 and ZARA Kids.


Number five: Do you ever get cold while sitting near the fire (outside), at a Browns game, or at a school sports game? Well, I used to, but not anymore, because I got a packable, really lightweight, down throw blanket from Costco. These things are the best and they saved my life. The super cool thing about the blanket-throw is that they are actually really warm and came with its own “stuff sack” (that’s connected to the blanket) so it’s the perfect travel companion.


Hopefully, I helped you get your winter wardrobe under control and helped you create a holiday wish-list if you’re a teenager like me. Just a reminder, winter is long, so try not to get sick of it the second time snow falls because a lot is coming. For me, I love the first snowfall of the year, but after the snow gets gross and muddy, I’m done with it. A few things to help motivate you through the short, cold, and dark winters, is to remind yourself if you look good, you’ll feel good (or at least you’ll feel better about braving the elements). Also, remember the sun and warmth will be back again before you know it.

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