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Additional Programming

In addition to our virtual and local events we are teaching and inspiring via the following initiatives:

This series introduces young female founders and creators with inspiring projects and stories through a weekly series called, Meet Her - Girls Inspiring Girls. In addition to this series, through a growing social media presence, we raise awareness about personal development and real leadership skills and motivate girls to incorporate these tools into their everyday lives. 


Weekly Instagram & blog series


It’s A Girl’s Life Podcast

This up and coming podcast is co-hosted with Certified Life Coach for teens and young women and motivational speaker Sarah Andersen, and teen-preneur Charlotte Wasserman. “We vow to keep it REAL and discuss all things personal development, living authentically and empowering girls to build real confidence to chase their dreams and live their best life.” - Sarah and Charlotte 

This group coaching and leadership training is created in collaboration with Sarah Andersen, founder of The Real Girl Lifestyle Coaching, for teens and young females wishing to learn how to keep it real, live confidently, and take action on their dreams. * This program has been uniquely designed to present a fresh perspective from a certified life coach for teens in collaboration with the founder of It’s A Girl’s Life, a real teen. This combination is impactful and effective. 


Girls Get REAL

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