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Come Set Your 2022 Intentions With Me

Before we get started, it’s really important to not move onto the excitement of the new year before you recognize how much you have grown this year.

If you haven’t already, let me be your reminder, that you are crushing it. You are walking into the new year better than last year. You are living the life you always wanted. You are ready to continue to grow, to learn, to fail, to thrive this 2022.

Now, for what you actually came here for… lets create, set, write down some new year goals and intentions.

Grab your notebook, start a new note on your iPhone, because girls - today we are setting our new years goals to enter the year intentionally.

1) Set your 2022 goals:


✨ 2-3 habits you want to do for you this year

✨ 2-3 habits you want to loose this year

✨ 2-3 things you want to learn

2) Set your 2022 intentions:

Choose four words you want to define your year by


✨ Imperfect

✨ Memorable

✨ Fresh

✨ Energized

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