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Passionate people who take action

Forbes 30 U 30 list came out today, and you know what I did for the last hour instead of reading for my next class? I looked through the entire list. From Finance to Media...

I hope other young people can also see the effects of one who takes action with a passion. These people on the list definitely did.

Schools teach us all about how to solve problems using different formulas or how to write a persuasive literary analysis. Don't get me wrong, that's important. But whats we really need to learn is how to believe in ourselves and take action on something that we are passionate about even when no one else does.

Luckily, there are LOTS of people out there following their passions and making large impacts. You can read about their stories and follow their journey.

Specific Forbes 30 U 30 that you may love too: Olivia Rodrigo, Katlyn Grasso, Alexandra Cooper, Morissa Schwartz, Jenny Kaplan and Shira Atkins.

Read Forbes 30 U 30:

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