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Meet @paolaochoa

Graphic made by Maile Figueroa,

the founder of the Smudge Workshop art programs for the youth.

✰ Meet Paola Ochoa, the founder of Teen Boss Babes.

What's the hardest challenge you've faced in your journey creating this brand?

I feel like the hardest thing I faced was being able to do this all alone! I started this journey all alone with no help, and I feel like at times everything felt like it was on me and only me!

How can we BEST support you and your community?

By sharing the purpose of Teen Boss Babes and my love for helping mid-size girls in the fashion community.

What is your favorite way to promote your brand and WHY do you like this platform the best?

I feel like my favorite is Instagram or TikTok! I feel like you are able to express yourself!

Where do you look to find inspiration and or motivation?

My family, or the stories I hear of teens letting me know how my journey helped them.

What is a normal day in life for you?

Wake up, go to my computer, get ready, do more work, make coffee lol, back to work, create content, then facetime my best friend.

Do you have a favorite quote/intention?

"You are never too young to follow your dreams."

What is one tip you have for other girls out there wanting to take action and be a creator like you?

If you are doing what you love, no one can ever stop you!

Connect with Paola Ochoa today and join the Teen Boss Babes Community!

This post was in collaboration with Paola Ocha, Charlotte Wasserman, and put together by Linda Zhang.

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