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2015 Look Book

Hey guys! I cannot believe that it’s almost 2016!!! Happy birthday to all the people who are New Year’s babies or December 31st babies. Truly it has been a great year. How has you year been? Comment down below something what was your favorite this year.

Have any of you wondered how this blogging year has been? Well today’s the day. The day, I thank you for helping me have courage to write more blogs! You guys (readers) mean so much to me. You are the people who tell me what’s good, and what just does not fit your fancy. BTW, January 5th is It’s A Girl’s Life 1st anniversary! My first blog post was published on January 5th 2015.

2015 Look book of It’s A Girl’s Life:

The blog with…

Most views: Winter Snug

How many? 136 views

Mist continuous blogs: 2 days

When? December 26th and 27th

Best day to post blogs: Sunday

How many post? 5

Most comments: Winter Snug

How many? 7 comments

Top referral sites to this blog:

Google plus




WordPress reader

Many visitors/readers from:

Cayman Islands

United States


Thank you for all of this! I hope next year I’ll get more readers, comments, and views but, this is all I ever wanted! It’s been a great year, hoping for another great one in 2016!


Charlotte Jane


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