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2016 Resolutions & more

Hey guys! It’s almost 2016! I cannot wait, what about you? Here are some tips to help you get the memo in 2016. Just helpful reminders…

First, it will be 2016, not 2015, so the date will look somewhat like this: 1/1/16 or Jan. 1 2016. It’s funny because when I get back to school, I get points off my homework for writing the wrong number; Maybe you do too :). My papers will have so many eraser marks. Has that ever happened to you? Comment below your date mess up 🔽

Second, something that’s always fun to do is get a question a day notebook. Last year, I got one of those notebooks. It gave me a different question everyday. So mostly everyday, I answered that question. The questions really made me think about what I did that day. Answering the questions was cool and relaxing. Here’s a link to get these from.

Lastly, this time of year is always good to get a new agenda. Some of my friends and I love the “Lily Pulitzer” agendas. Maybe your agenda is used in school for keeping up with the homework, or maybe your agenda is used just at home for keeping track of your crazy life. If you get one but you don’t know what to do with it, here are some ideas.

  1. Write your homework plan in the spaces/lines

  2. Keep all you’re meetings/special days inside

  3. Write about your day in each space/line

  4. Write ideas for each day in the space/lines

Now it’s time for my New Years resolutions! 

  1. Have at least five different friends over

  2. Watch 25 movies on Netflix

  3. Run for Class Officer again next school year

  4. Run for G&W Co Caption/Caption again (hopefully make it)

  5. Get 25 new blog followers

  6. Make a new blog post every Sunday

  7. Get a Starbucks gold reward card

  8. Get to be very close to a famous blogger

  9. Finish the Land of Stories by, Chris Colfer series

  10. Boost my reading level

  11. Become a leader in my town

  12. Start a world wide helpful hashtag

  13. Always not being to hard on myself

  14. Have a great Bat Mitzvah

  15. Live life as a soon-to-be teenager

  16. Stay happy


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