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3 Reminders You Didn't Realize You Needed to Hear

1. We do not need to let an outside force (i.e. other people's opinions, social media metrics, college and programs selections) impact and control how we feel (or react). We certainly can't control their outcome. However, we can control how we feel or react to that outcome. We can control how we approach the outcome.

2. We do not need to let other people's vibe determine our own. Ever walk into a classroom before starting a test, and everyone is so nervous that we start to feel nervous too? It happens to everyone but remember we can find our own energy from within ourselves. We have the power to feel the way we want and not attract the energy they are projecting.

3. We don't need to feel discouraged. We can realize what we can do to improve, maybe ask for help, and try again. Opportunities are limitless; you just need to open up a little bit more to recognize them :)

I'd love to hear from you! Reply to this email and let me know which one(s) you needed to hear.

Always keep it real,


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