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Hey! How’s your day been? Hope all is well! What would you be doing if you were at the beach? Today, I was at the beach and thought about some tips and tricks that you guys might find useful.

Isn’t it the best feeling when you’re drinking a Pina Colada and, looking into the deep blue eyes of the Caribbean Sea? I mean, I love Pina Coladas and Strawberry smoothies. Comment down below what kind of smoothies you like. Oh, I almost forgot, that Pina Colada was virgin. Ya, I’m not that crazy! Also I will be putting a link below for a recipe for Pina Coladas🔽 For you, when your at the beach or your beach is your fav sofa.

The sea is beautiful, very clear, refreshing, and quite salty. Here’s a funny story… We were in the water and my dad and I, being the funny people we are, decided that I should give him a piggy-back ride. He thought, since were in the water, he would be light enough for me to hold. But, that’s not always the case, at least not this time. While my dad was on my back, I fell under water, salty water. When I came back up, I had a huge gulp of salt water in my mouth and I could not open my eyes. I headed for shore and recovered on my comfy beach chair.

Well, story time is over, lets talk about some ideas to make, share, wear, or DIY. Beach, water, and, sand, let’s make a sandcastle! What kinds of sand castles are your favorites? You can comment down below about your fav fav sandcastle. All are really cool, and you should try one next time you are at the beach!

What about reading on the beach? Here’s a list of books I love. The Land of Stories (all books) by, Chris Colfer The Hunger Games by, Suzanne Collins Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by, Chris Grabenstein Smile by, Raina Telgemeier Sisters by, Raina Telgemeier Everything on Waffles by, Polly Horvath

That’s just the beginning. Share your favorites with me down below. Maybe give me a small description, but do not give anything away. I repeat, DON’T GIVE ANYTHING AWAY!

Lastly here’s a fun, beachy, motivating playlist. This playlist is on Spotify, If you don’t have an account, you can make one (tell your parents first). My playlist is called, Beachy Fun by, charbar730. These songs are great to listen to on a real beach or the sofa beach we talked about in the beginning. Also (if you want), make your own Spotify playlist and, share it with us. Make it, share it, believe it.

I’ll see you next time on It’s A Girl’s Life network. Did you see what I did there, acting like I’m hosting a TV show. Hehe!

You know you love me, xoxo Gossip Girl Charlotte Jane


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