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A Message to Middle School Friendships from a High Schooler

Have you ever met those people who....

Are just mean?

Those who drag you down, stop you from achieving your goals and limiting your greatest potential.

Girl, let me just tell you, same!

A lot of these kinds of people I found myself around in middle school and

I always thought what did I do wrong? Am I a bad friend?

Until I to realize, no Charlotte, it’s not your fault.

If you have ever felt this, you know.

It’s a lot of overthinking “friendships” and the past, while they aren’t. Remember they were probably just unaware.

So if you have ever felt any of this, a) your totally not alone, b) people who are mean/bring others down are just insecure, and c) the girls in middle school are tough! We’re all just trying to figure it out plus none of our minds have fully developed yet!

As cliche as it sounds, my DM’s are truly always open! I love hearing from you guys!

Comment 🙋‍♀️ if at any point, this caption resonated with you :)

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