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But First Let Me Take A Selfie

Have you ever taken a selfie? Do you know what a selfie is? Well, read this blog and you’ll know all about selfies. Also if you want you can watch my newest YouTube video, the link is here! 🙀 If you have any selfie questions, please comment below! ⬇️⬇️

So, what’s a selfie?

A selfie is a picture (of yourself) using your front camera. BTW it cannot be taken with the back camera!!!!!!! Your selfies can be super cute or, really serious. Just remember, your face does not need editing to it, it is already pretty.

Ok, you got me, yes I love to edit pictures. Please don’t send me to “The Photo Police.” Ha!!

What kind of selfie faces are trending?

Ya I know, there is even faces trending. To be honest, selfies are very tumblr! Here are some of the most trending:

  1. Duck Face

  2. Smiley Face

  3. Peace Sign

  4. Serious Face

  5. 1 up

  6. All Snap Chat filters

If you don’t have Snap Chat (and you’re a kid) ask your parents for it first. If you have Snap Chat then hold on your face and different filters should come up: barfing rainbows, dogs face, cats, even presidents maybe…

What is the meaning of talking a selfie?

Taking a selfie is just like sharing what you’re doing in a quick picture of yourself. It can explain how you feel, in a picture! Also expressing maybe a different side of you from school/social life. Bring out the selfie in you!

Selfie products-

  1. Gorillapod Grip Tight Stand: another tripod thing that can grip onto any poll, or rounded object.

  2. Selfie Stick: a stick that holds your phone for you.

Those is the only good ones I know of, if you know of other good ones please comment below. I’d like to try all of your subjections!

Here are some examples of selfies⏯

Pretty student girl taking a selfie.

I hoped you liked this blog! Remember you can watch my YouTube video, the links above. Also follow me on Instagram, my user is @char_happiness

Comment below, I’ll write you back! Stay happy, live long, and blogs are so tumblr 🙂


It’s A Girl’s Life

Charlotte Jane


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