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Chatting with the Founder of WIT

I am so honored that the founder of WIT, Sarah Hernholm, recently had me on the DO WIT podcast.

We talked all about entrepreneurship, building a professional online presence, learning from setbacks, and more.

Before you listen to the episode, I wanted to give you a preview of some of the key takeaways and action steps from our conversation that you can start implementing right now.

  1. Know your strengths and work with others whose strengths are your weakness

    1. There is always someone who can do something better than you.

    2. Leverage that and use it to your advantage so you can focus on being successful with your strengths.

  2. When working with others, clarity is kindness.

    1. Be clear with your expectations and intentions.

    2. Ask them to create a realistic deadline for whatever you are working on with them, or ask them for feedback on the deadline you think is reasonable.

  3. When you show up and play big, do your homework beforehand!

    1. Prepare in advance so when it's time to shine, you are confident and feel in control.

    2. Choose to Set Yourself Up for Success (WIT Tip) and practice to prep.

  4. Let your age become your biggest asset.

    1. Truth is always far more interesting and relatable!

    2. Embrace the two hats lifestyle of balancing school and a business. Don't forget to be patient with yourself, too!

  5. Make failure your friend.

    1. No need to fear it when you can use it; use each failure or mistake as an opportunity to grow and learn!

  6. Give gratitude and show you care.

    1. Always highlight the amazing people who have believed in you (and what you're doing) enough to be willing to work with you.

Want to keep learning more knowledgeable lessons to help elevate you and your business brain?

1) Tune into our episode.Help us hit 100 views!

2) Subscribe to the Do WIT Podcast for inspirational conversations with inspirational teen entrepreneurs.

3) * All teens and adults * check out the WIT programs. The mentors and WIT Teens I have been able to connect with from WIT have truly leveled my business, and they can do the same for you or your teen. I even had my first TV interview within the first month of joining! Plus, you can earn college-credit through some of the programs!

If you haven’t already signed up and joined the 50 teens around the globe Doing WIT that are up-leveling their life, here are some additional benefits of joining the WIT family:


  • Make your dreams a reality

  • Learn from experts in different industries

  • Network with other teens

  • Get one of a kind access to opportunities and people


  • Share WIT with the teens in your life; they will gain experience and impactful education that isn't taught at school!

  • Help prep your teen for college by taking a college-credit course

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