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Check it out! :)

Hi guys, i’m so happy that you came to check out my blog!  You might be thinking about, “why should you read my blog?” Great question, my blog is different. It is about a girl, made by a girl, and thought by a girl.  Seriously, my life is filled with shopping, cooking, DIY’s everyday (and of course some serious studying.)  Also this blog is always a go-to place for style inspiration, fun activities to do on that “gloomy day,” and those recipes you need for whipping up a fast, and easy creation. One click, to experiences, tricks, hints, and more. At the tip of your fingers nail.

Lastly, please tell your friends to subscribe to my blog. Thanks, your the best!

Want even more about me? Read my “about” below.

Bio: Hello, my name is Charlotte Jane. I am a twelve years old girl who loves fashion, cooking, and having lots and lots of fun! The best memories are made from hanging out with the fam and friends. Over the summer there is nothing more fun to do then go to overnight camp. Last year I loved it so much I stayed for seven weeks. In my free time I love to act, performing on stage is the best. The beach is another favorite of mine, when I’m at the beach I can’t stop reading! One page after another! When it’s blizzard outside, and I have nothing else to do I like to sit on the couch and watch a movie with homemade popcorn. Homemade popcorn is better than movie theater popcorn because you make it. The best food is homemade! Read my blog for more fashion, food and fun. XO, Charlotte Jane.

You guys are the BEST, XOXO Charlotte 


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