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I Love Sunday’s

“Hello from the other side,” what’s on your holiday present list? I celebrate Hanukkah, so I have eight days of presents. Comment below what you want for presents during your winter holiday. Also, if you celebrate a holiday different then Hanukah, Christmas, Eid, or Kwanza please comment what you celebrate. Those are the ones I know of, but I would love to know more. Always learning everyday!

Literally my life is blogging every single day, editing drinking Starbucks, literally my life is! Haha! Today, (when I’m trying to stay warm) I will be blogging about places that I can get stuck in forever, and items I love!

I don’t know about you, but Sephora is bae! When I walk in to Sephora, it looks like heaven, bold blacks, pinks, and reds. From lipsticks to beauty brushes. During my experience, I saw they had facial mask, but it got better… Different scents, and essential oils mask! What’s better than that? Oh the palettes, they are the! The pallets had eye shadows, blush, lipstick, in all different shades/colors, but the best part was they were all shaped in hearts.

Nordstrom; love that store! I have an agenda from there, maybe getting their really cool headphones with the gold stud. Also sometimes I’ll get clothes from Nordstrom, mostly accessories though. During my experiences, first I’ll look at Zella, (an athletic brand.) Sooner than later, I’ll be hovering over the accessories table. To finish the trip, saving the best for last, all of the cool brands they are selling, ( ALDO, Bkr, Kate Spade, Free People etc.)

Just Do it like Nike, one of my favorite sport brands! I have the black sneakers, with the white Nike logo on the side. Also I have Nike Pro shorts. All of my Nike clothes, shoes, and sport supplies are amazing! Literally, my sports performance skills are somewhat based on what I wear. Nike is the brand for sports. Comment below what you LOVE about Nike. Swish be like… :0 🙂

Happy Holidays and happy winter from your girl, Charlotte Jane! 💋

Artist Creds: Adele My Life As Eva (YouTuber)


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