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I’m back! Better than ever!

Hey readers!

You guys are the best! I’m sorry that I have not blogged in a long time. But finally I have found time to blog. A night ago I was really bored, and did not know what to do. Then amazing thoughts came to mind. I should blog again! I remember how much fun I had. So here it goes…

Fall, Rainy, Sunny Days

What do you call those rainy, fall, sun days? Like I want to go outside because it’s a sunny, fall day, but it’s raining. After I pick that I want to stay inside, I try to talk to the wilderness. “Hey girl, why do you try to make my life miserable?” Then I go off on rants “I only have a couple weeks for fall… And you do this to me…”  A few minutes after that, I realize that I have other things to do. Such as better things to do, watching Netflix, reading Lands Of Stories by, Chris Colfer, or sadly, (I regret it,) homework. I guess you can call those days: sky. Call it sky because, the sky always changes, earthier the color, or emotion. You say “the sky has no emotion?” It does, when it’s gloomy, it goes grey. When the sky’s confused, it has a lot of clouds. Lastly when the sky is happy it’s blue as a blueberry. How blue? That Blue!

XOXO, Charlotte 


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