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March Madness

Hey guys! Not to break your heart, but this blog is not about basketball. I do like basketball March Madness, too, though! March is a pretty busy month. For me I got all my friends and brothers’ birthdays, but for you, you got spring, spring break, warmer weather, and so on… But today you will be hearing all about what you got to do to get ready for spring and ideas for spring. Let’s get to this blog (so excited)!!!

Calling for all girls who need some help so you don’t get in jail for attire abuse. Here is the go-to plan of what to wear either on the weekends/weekdays…

-Rule of the fashion world, always be best dressed like you may be meeting a famous person/celeb. Then if you do that, you will be dressed very fashionably and cute.

Now, here’s a list of some fashion points:

  1. Keep the sweaters

  2. Loose the coat

  3. Leggings are fine

  4. Long pant rompers, perfect 👌🏼

  5. Skater skirts and, thigh high knee socks

Do you ever get a little thirsty, and wanna go on a *$ (Starbucks) break. Well, here are some of the best iced/cold drinks you can get at Starbucks. Oh yeah, use the “order ahead” feature in the Starbucks app, it works really well…

  1. Iced Passion Tea Lemonade — this is such a great drink and its iced too. Also it’s a great Instagram picture and don’t forget it’s pink, so very inspirational.

  2. Pumpkin Spice iced — these are the, but you gotta love pumpkin for this. It’s like a cookie but it’s coffee! OMG!!

  3. All iced macchiatos — I’ve never had this before but, all my friends tell me this is amazing! So I’m going to trust them and tell you.

  4. Lastly, all Starbucks refreshers — they actually refresh me, weirdly enough. There is a Lemon-Lime refresher, and Strawberry refreshers.

Now it’s time for a little spring essentials guide. Just have these and you’ll be ready to grow into spring. Girl, you’re perfect lets just pull a few buds, here and there. Ha, you get it, buds from flowers and it’s going to be spring… 🙂

  1. A new pair of sunglasses, the ones that are circular are so chic!

  2. A couple new beauty products. Since most people get really pale in cold winters, now is the time to freshen up. Also, feel better if you have a winter cold, take a breather!

– Get a new bronzer

– Maybe a new blush or highlighter. This new one I got is super cute and cool.

– Also BTW the new Baby Lips is really cool, it also can be put on your cheeks for a little bit of color.

  1. New spring? New hairstyle, too! Over spring break is a perfect time to try a new hairstyle! Which goes into my next topic, “Spring break plans.” Some of the trending hairstyles are: half Updo, shorter cut, and fishtail. You can find more inspiration on Pinterest! 

Do you know what you’re doing for spring break yet? Well, I have two different plans for you. It depends if you’re staying home or if you’re going somewhere. But, I hope your spring break is so much fun, also after break we don’t have a lot of school till summer!!

So, if you’re staying home…

  1. Get a mani/pedi cure. Those are always fun! Also they make your toes/nails look cool. Just remember to wear flip flops if you’re getting a pedicure.

  2. Go shopping for new clothes, make up, or shoes. You need your new clothes and shoes for spring. Also your makeup should be more nude, but you can put light pink on too.

  3. Take a walk every once in a while. Get your daily exercise, and also it’s getting to be a little warmer outside, well at least where I live.

  4. Plan out a new work out routine. It is perfect timing! A really good app for this is Sworkit, one of my really good friend showed me this and it works so well!

  5. Go on Pinterest every couple days to get spring inspired. If you would like to follow me, my user is @charbar730 I don’t pin a lot but sometimes I do, (when I get really in to it)! 🙂

If you are going somewhere please go and read this list of ideas… Perfect for you and the beach!

  1. Do you live in a colder place or a warmer place? If you live in a colder place you should go to the beach for spring break.

  2. If your on the beach/somewhere warm always ask for a smoothie to treat yourself to a sweet drink.

  3. Don’t forget a cute swim suit and sunglasses.

  4. Oh, I almost forgot, bring a good book to read or, you can always bring a magazine. For me, I’m bringing both. Comment below what are some of your fav books too!

I hope you liked this blog! Email subscribe to me here. Have a great day! There are a lot more blogs coming soon, just for you! You guys are really amazing! Stay happy and cool!


It’s A Girl’s Life

Charlotte Jane


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