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Meet Brianna Marie


What's the hardest challenge you've faced as a content creator?


I started my blog in 2016, and I was also a freshman in high school at the time. I had so much fear. I was afraid of what people (especially my classmates) would think. I didn't even make my blog public initially, nor did I promote it on my social media.

I was scared of judgment. I was an introverted person, so the thought of putting my ideas out on the internet was terrifying.

Also, I was not your typical blogger. I had no niche, which is something most bloggers aim for. I even wrote more personal pieces and all that added to my fear.

I was just scared of almost everything starting out.

Recently I also started a podcast, and that again brought fear. When the trailer launched on May 26, I was scared. Truly, I was. I wasn't sure if it was worth it or if I was wasting my time. Most of all, I didn't know if anyone would listen to it. I launched it anyway, and so far, I have had 23 total plays (Anchor analytics) 5 follows on Spotify. (Woohoo! Comment 👏 👏 for Brianna!)

I challenge you to start doing what makes you happy- something that makes you shine, even if it's a hobby/side project. It will make a difference in your life, and people around you will sense that.

And you will see: better things will come on your path.

~ Brianna is such a go-getter and inspiring creator who went after her dreams and goals. Hype her up in the comments and make sure to "follow my platforms and engage with my content!" Find her blog, podcast, youtube channel and more, by clicking here (@briannaaaa.marieeee)

Engage with Brianna and her content.

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