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Meet @natureofkindness

✰ Meet Rhea and Kaila, the CEO"s of Nature of Kindness.

What's the hardest challenge you've faced in your journey creating this brand?

With our brand being to create sustainable and cost-effective products, our biggest challenge was finding companies to buy from that we could support ethically and financially. We spent many hours trying to find the best biodegradable envelopes, that fit all our requirements for size, material, and eco-friendliness; similarly, we thought a lot about the benefits and drawbacks of plantable paper, and whether we should hand-create it or purchase it (we ended up purchasing it from a small company). We also had to consider a variety of other factors that are often overlooked when buying sustainably, such as using local vendors and supporting small businesses.

What is your favorite way to promote your brand and WHY do you like this platform the best?

We love promoting our brand on Instagram! We've been able to connect with so many other cool teen entrepreneurs and like-minded companies, and it's been such a great way to learn more about the entrepreneurship, sustainability, and kindness communities.

Where do you look to find inspiration and or motivation?

Pinterest! It's so inspiring to see other teen entrepreneurs' creations and get inspiration for our own creative works -- within and outside of Nature of Kindness -- via the site. And it's a great procrastination method :)

What is a normal day in life for you?

Weird hours of sleep, spontaneous bursts of energy, and LOTS of chocolate! A normal day consists of waking up around 6 to get some work done and prep an Instagram post, heading off to classes, joking and stressing with friends, and coming home to eat pretzels, do homework, and get some kindness packages made! On an extra fun day, we'll have a Nature of Kindness meeting or event. :)

Do you have a favorite quote/intention?

"Throw kindness around like confetti!"

What is one tip you have for other girls out there wanting to take action and be a creator like you?

Don't doubt yourself! Your idea can only be executed best by YOU– so go for it and see where it takes you, because you never know what opportunities may arise as a result. Even though making concrete change and doing good is not always the easiest path, if you're not the one that's going to do it, then who is?

Connect with Rhea and Kaila today and get your kindness package!

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