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Meet @soaringtogether

✰ Meet Anna, the teen founder and business owner of Soaring Together and Anna Made Design Co.

What's the hardest challenge you've faced in your journey creating this brand?

The hardest challenge I've faced was deciding what I wanted the Soaring brand to become -- after the event I hosted, I wasn't sure what to do next. I found through surveys and talking to teens that sharing business advice through stories was something that people really enjoyed and learned from!

What is your favorite way to promote your brand and WHY do you like this platform the best?

Email newsletter is my favorite platform, because I can send out longer content than an Instagram post, and my emails get sent straight to your inbox. People can reply, and we are able to have a real conversation!

Where do you look to find inspiration and or motivation?

I find inspiration through other businesses and seeing what they are doing. I have so many ideas for new projects to start, and seeing all these other people doing things they love inspires me so much!

What is a normal day in life for you?

I wake up around 7:00, and eat breakfast. In the mornings, the routine varies -- sometimes I'll hang out with friends, work on my business, or go somewhere with my family. Then, I eat lunch and do something creative while listening to a podcast. I'll play with my cat, go outside or go to swim team practice, and then eat dinner. After that, I practice piano and get ready for bed!

Do you have a favorite quote/intention?

"Everything you want is on the other side of consistency"

What is one tip you have for other girls out there wanting to take action and be a creator like you?

Start small, and don't be afraid of imperfection. Pick something you're passionate about, and work hard to make it happen!

Connect with Anna today and subscribed to her newsletter! "This is where the strongest part of the community is, and it's my best way to reach you and get ideas for what is next for Soaring!"

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