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Real Teen's Perspective on The Toxicity of Social Media

A real teen's perspective on the toxicity of ~social media~

🤍 Because we consume so much by scrolling, why not make us feel better at the same time?!

This can’t be only me who’s feeling this way, but my social media relationship used to be SO TOXIC. (It still can be, but I try not to let it.)

I’m sure most of you all have at least one social media account, whether it’s on Instagram or Snapchat, where all you see is your friends living their best lives, sharing lots of beautiful photos, and (what seems like) a perfect day.

At some point, I bet you’ve felt sad or annoyed emotionally. Maybe you have even started to compare their highlight reel to your everyday life.

Another real feeling I felt was left out. I would be at home and scrolling on Snapchat, seeing people hanging on Saturday night, and it didn’t leave me feeling great.

It wasn’t healthy!

🤍 We spend so much time on it that I would hate for it to be hurting you too!

Two ways to create a better relationship with social media? Let’s do it!

🤍 Stop checking Snapchat/IG stories! Seeing people doing things and you’re not there isn’t providing you anything.

🤍Create a new social media account where you have strategically curated a feed that inspires, motivates, and is a better version of yourself! Something that when your scrolling, YOU feel energized, alive, and ready to tackle ALL of life’s challenges!

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