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Spring Break Essentials, Hacks, and More! 

Hey guys, it’s spring break! Comment below what your doing for break. I’m going to Mexico, so I need to pack swim suits, dresses, rompers, and more! Wherever you’re going affects what you pack. That’s why I’m here, i’ll be your idea popper and tell you ideas of what to pack if you’re going to the beach. For example, your carry-on should be filled with activities to do on the plane ride. Also a device that will have movies or TV shows on it, to watch on the plane. Here are some essentials you can put in your carry-on. A good book/novel

A magazine

A coloring/meditational book (it’s good when you get stressed/bored on the plane)

A little idea notebook, (have this handy so you can write down anything inspirational)

A scarf or big sweatshirt Here is the list of my clothes/tips of what you can pack if you’re going to the beach.

A couple of cover ups (a really great brand is Roberta Roller Rabbit).

Really easy ‘throw-on’ clothes- dresses, Rompers

A couple pairs of athletic shorts, just to run on the beach or if you’re lazy to find a cute outfit for the beach.

Some cute but comfortable short sleeve t-shirts, or tank tops

More dressy tanks

More dressy shorts

One pair of white pants, just in case it gets chilly at night. Finally some pack hacks, pack hacks are just really cool tips on packing. I love discovering new hacks for life or a theme (like packing)! Get ready, drum roll please, for the BEST packing tips EVER IMAGINED!!!!!!!!!! Roll each article of clothing and line them up, It will take up a lot less space if you roll and then you will have so much more room for all your accessories.

Put all your heavier fabric items like sweatshirts on the bottom of your suitcase.

Build all of your clothes from most heavy to the least heavy.

Put a car refresher on the top of all of your clothes so, they smell fresh when you un-pack them.

Tape all lotions/creams (if you packed your lotion/creams) with scotch/duct tape just for safety. Maybe put them into a ziplock bag, too, for extra protection.

If you know you’re going to want Starbucks/ any drink get it after security ( so you don’t have to throw it out). I hope you like this blog, it was super fun to write. BTW watch my YouTube version of this blog. The link is right here. Shoutout to all you readers, you’re the apple to my pie, and my jelly on my sandwhich! I hope all your breaks are amazing! Stay happy, live long, and girlpower unite. If you would like any links please comment below! Some reason they weren’t working….

Credits (from my pack hacks): Niki and Gabi

Lyric credits: The Perfect Two Xoxo,

Charlotte Jane

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