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Thanksgiving is soon!

Hey, are you still not feeling Thanksgivingish? Well, let me solve that! I got some recipes and clothing essentials for all winter long. This will also make you feel more Thanksgivingish.

First, for my all time FAV: apple cider. What’s better then a nice, hot, cup of cider, that can be on your stove all winter? So, whenever you crave apple cider the most, instantly go down stairs, warm up the cider, and there you go!

Second, you always need a warm, cozy, fleece. I don’t know about you but, my house is cold during the winter. Ya, I don’t understand why we don’t just put on the heat. So to survive my house, I earthier wrap myself in blankets, stay in my bed, or put on a soft fleece. Here’s one of my new favorites.

Third, a knitted “throw blanket.” These blankets are so nice, and so cozy! I always feel like I’m in the clouds when I have this blanket on me. I keep mine on the end of my bed, so I can grab and go.

Finally, the best for last, a scent plug-in, “Autumn Leaves.” This scent plug-in makes my room smell like Thanksgiving. The scent also makes me feel refreshed, and awake. You can get this scent in many different forms at Yankee Candle, as in: a candle, tea light candle or, a wax tart melts. I hope for the winter holidays someone buys me a candle, or plug-in!

P.S., this blog has a Instagram, @itzagirlzlifeblog Follow it! On my account I will have blogging updates, sneak peaks, food ideas, fashion notices, and fun DIYS. DIYS: do it yourself!

Xoxo, Charlotte


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