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Valentines Day <3

Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you know that the colors pink, white, and red have meaning? My dad told me about this and it’s really interesting. I found this info right here.

Pink means: Appreciation

White means: A new start, quiet beauty

Red means: Love and romance

Are you stuck on what presents you should buy for your relatives, boyfriends, dads, or moms? Well its perfect timing right now… I have a helpful list for you in this blog. Read till the end! Also one thing, if you are always waiting until the last minute it’s very stressful. Instead, plan to buy a present earlier in the year. Hide it, so no one can find it.

Finally, lets get into this tumblr inspired blog!

  1. Chocolates (for boys or girls)

Chocolates are delicious and good midnight snacks. What? Ya, I don’t go to bed until pretty late on the weekends. Just imagine a big box of Malley’s chocolates at your doorstep… I know it may not be the most original present but, everyone (mostly) loves them. Oh, and if you make the chocolates yourself, that’s even better. Dream job: making chocolate!! Here is a recipe.

  1. Teddy Bears (for boy or girls)

Yes, I said “teddy bear.” I know if someone got me a cute teddy bear, I would prob be obsessed with it! Any really cute valentines stuff animal I think is too cute! BTW Costco has great big, cheap, stuff animals.

  1. Jewelry (for girls)

Jewelry is meaningful, pretty, and you can wear it every day (mostly). There are so many different kinds of jewelry. Some are fun and trendy, some are classy, and some are really expensive. Some of the brands I know are, Pandora, Tiffany&Co, Jennifer Zeuner, and Hermēs. Buy jewelry that looks pretty and fun and, it will be a special gift!

  1. Perfume (for girls)

OMG, testing and smelling perfumes is life?! Or have you ever got the perfume samples in a magazine? If not, you really should, it’s so fun to try different scents.

Some brands of perfume that I know are, Ralph Lauren, Nicole Miller, Dior, and Juicy Couture. There are so many more brands though, comment below some more that you know.

  1. Wallets (for boys)

Wallets, the house of cards and money. I’ve seen so many boys with wallets that they use 24/7. There’s a lot of different kinds, too. Some have a lot of compartments and others only have two. Also girls love wallets, too! 🙂 It’s a great present for either boy or girl.

  1. Baseball caps (for boys)

Baseball caps are so sporty. If a boy likes baseball caps then they will probably have a collection of them. If they don’t, you could be the one starting a boys love for baseball caps… I can promise you, both of my brothers have baseball cap collections.

I luv Valentines Day! It’s so meaningful and fun. I hope you have a great Valentines Day, too! Keep a happy heart! Stay happy and smiley!

Also (I almost forgot), follow me on Instagram! My username is @char_hapiness , its all tumblr inspired and girly. It also has secret blogging updates. Please help me get to 100 followers! You guys are the best! BTW if you need any extra links please comment below or email me at:


Charlotte Jane

It’s A Girl’s Life


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