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We Face Fear this Spook-tober

Happy Spook-tober Eve🎃

(Yes, I just made up my own holiday.)

This month, we invite you to face these #5 fears with us:

👻 perfectionism: it’s better done than perfect.

👻 overthinking: chunk it into attainable bites, set the timer for 30 minutes, and start.

👻 disappointment: @miss_wit helped me realize this one! Ask questions in advance < Gain clarity < Take action < Acknowledge your choices won’t satisfy everyone.

👻 overwhelm: determine how many days you have until it’s due < establish attainable self due dates < act on it < track & see your progress

👻 closed mindset: make it your goal to learn & practice 2x daily mediation through @zivaonline. Her program carried me through exams last May and helped me avoid the discomfort of being behind or cramming.

Any spooky events happening in your life? Mines definitely managing academics, college apps, and social life!

Share this post on your instagram story and say what’s making your October spooky 👻 don’t forget to tag us (@itsagirlslifeorg)!

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