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Winter Fashionista

Have you ever went into your closet and you have nothing to wear? Even if you know your closet is the size of New York. Well I am here to save the day like superman, here are some great cozy, fashionable, outfits. Some will be more dressy and others more edgy. You gotta love those camo, leather jackets. Also I will show you really fun brands or accessories with these outfits.

This outfit is casual but a little dressy with the leather. This is perfect for all you people who love Selena Gomez with a dash of Taylor Swift.

Now, don’t forget a ‘hang with friends’ at the mall or at their house look. Comfy but not looking like a slob.

This outfit is an all time fav of mine, a really cozy sweatshirt that I wear mostly every Sunday and perfect black leggings. Really warm and ready in a flash for a run to Starbucks or last minute Sephora shopping. BTW, the sweatshirt says ” I Love Sunday’s.”

This outfit is more edgy and darker. The outfit really explains that black is always IN! Black literally goes with everything! You name it, I’ll say it. Also the Converse are what i’m really obsessed with. Whenever you go to New York, you must make a stop at the Converse store. Designing your own sneakers is great way to show your own personal style.

This outfit is shows off my BOHO side, especially the pants. You can wear this out with friends or to parties. Fuzzy sweaters and flared, tight pants are a great match. Really stylish!

This outfit can be for spring or summer, and since I miss summer, when is a better time than now to pull out some of warm weather favorites to brighten up a cold winters day?! This romper is the cutest, it has birds on it, like literally!

Now this one, my fav JD (Junior Dance) dress, is really fancy kinda. Actually it’s my fav dress to wear out to dinner. It reminds me of yin yang (yin-yang is a really cool balance symbol).

Perfect dress for a ceremony like a Bat Mitzvah, graduation, or sweet 16 bday party! It’s really pretty, and is like a skater skirt bottom. This dress with a leather jacket and Tory Burch shoes is on point.

Xoxo to my fav girls,

Charlotte Jane 

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