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Winter Snug

[blog_subscription_form] Welcome to my first blog ever, enjoy! You know in the winter when you’re walking around your house and in one second you realize “I’m freezing!” Guess what? That happens to me everyday. What I do is,  I run upstairs to my room and put on my fuzzy pants. Fuzzy pants are the best invention ever! Are fuzzy pants fashionable? Totally, when your hanging out, or going to bed. These pants are polyester inside and outside, with a fun, girly design. Here is a link, to my favorite brand of fuzzy pants. While your at it, put on a fun pair of fuzzy socks! These from Bath And Body Works have a super-soft inner layer infused with rich, hydrating Shea Butter to provide continuous moisture. They are super cozy! Top it off with mini marshmallows and whipped cream, delicious! Make it! Enjoy!

How do you like to spend your cold winter days? Comment below. [blog_subscription_form]

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